Tubliss Tubeless Enduro System 2.0

Tubeless Enduro System 2.0

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Product Description

Product Description Tubliss Tubeless Enduro System 2.0


TUbliss replaces conventional inner tubes with a small red 100 psi insert that creates two different pressure zones inside the tire itself. This enables an incredible 100 PSI of rim protection, increased tire stability and eliminates pinch flats. In turn, this allows you to run very low tire pressure for massive gains in traction and a much plusher ride.


TUbliss allows you to safely run much lower tire pressures creating a much larger contact patch, this equates to instant bolt on performance you can feel and take advantage of on the first ride.


We all know the harshness that comes when we have to run higher tire pressure, imagine how much "PLUSHER" it gets when you drop it below the average 12psi mark. Running lower tire pressure dramatically decreases deflection (aka the "Ping Pong" effect), and allows your tires to deal with and absorb the small stuff before it ever gets to your suspension.


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